What is an espresso?

A small cup of concentrated coffee, brewed on request in a short time by forcing hot water under pressure, through finely ground roasted coffee beans.

The result is a very opaque, thick, dark liquid, topped with a dark-golden dense froth, known as crema.

Espresso is a coffee drink or brew method, NOT a specific bean, blend or roast.

The espresso should have a rich, deep taste, with no bitterness, with a lingering aftertaste providing a residual bitter-sweetness.

The espresso is used in milk based drinks such as the cappuccino, latte and flat white. Espresso is added to hot water to create an Americano.

There are many recipes for the perfect espresso that can depend on many variables, bean, roast, grind, water temperature, pressure, tamp, brew time.

At ROOST we like to use 18g of dry coffee, brewed in 26 seconds for a 1.75 fl oz liquid or 40g wt. double shot.

Roost Espresso

Brazil 50%
FARM: Aracacu Estate
REGION: Sol de Minas
PROCESS: Natural
VARIETY: Catui & Mundo Novo
ALTITUDE GROWN: 800 - 1000m
NOTES: Peanuts & caramel

Guatemala 20% (FAIRTRADE)
FARM: El Fogon Estate
REGION: Atitlan
VARIETY: Pache & Caturra
ALTITUDE GROWN: 1200 - 1600m
NOTES: Dark chocolate

Costa Rica 30%
FARM: Coop Agri
REGION: San Jorge
VARIETY: Caturra & Catuai
ALTITUDE GROWN: 800 - 1200m
NOTES: Apricots

Medium roast. Full body and smooth finish, with a great crema. Perfect for espresso and espresso based milk drinks.

Tonto Espresso

Costa Rica 40%
FARM: Dota Tarrazu Hermosa
REGION: Leon Cortes
VARIETY: Caturra & Catuai
ALTITUDE GROWN: 1450 - 1650m
NOTES: Hazelnut

Peru 40% (FAIRTRADE)
FARM: Coop Sol & Cafe
REGION: Cajamarca
VARIETY: Typica, Caturra, Catui, Bourbon & Mondo Novo
NOTES: Citrus & Caramel

El Salvador 20%
FARM: Finca San Ernesto
REGION: Urrutias
VARIETY: Bourbon & Catuai
NOTES: Dark Fudge

Dark roast. Full body and intense aftertaste, with a dark chocolate hued crema. Perfect for espresso and espresso based milk drinks.