About Our Coffee

We roast coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives. We want to know where our coffee comes from and how it is processed. We use a UK based independent coffee importer, DR Wakefield, who have been trading since 1970. They travel extensively throughout the year, visiting the producers and cooperatives. As most coffee producing countries are in the developing world, DR Wakefield have a strong belief in building long-term partnerships with the farmers to ensure fair prices and sustainable practices. Their quality control is vital and standards kept high by buying from the same farmers and exporters year after year who know their expectations. For more information visit: http://drwakefield.com/ The ROOST ESPRESSO blend has been personally chosen and blended by us at ROOST. We have chosen a blend that is roasted medium to dark, is very bright and sweet. with a full body and smooth finish. This is very much a third wave espresso. The TONTO ESPRESSO blend is a blend developed for a much darker roast, using a sweet honey processed coffee bean as its base. It retains a full body and intense aftertaste. It is more of a traditional Italian espresso. The SINGLE ORIGIN coffees have been chosen for their quality and differing taste profiles. The SWISS WATER DECAF coffee has been chosen for its chemical free production. The Swiss Water Process, a process to decaffeinate coffee by the use of water. For more information visit: http://www.swisswater.com/consumer

Meet the Team


Master Roaster and Logistics

David was a youth worker for 12 years in Lincolnshire, holding an MA in youth work. He loves walking the dog, films, football and is passionate about sourcing and drinking great coffee. In 2007 David began the task of researching and opening a coffee shop in Lincolnshire with a close friend. All was in place, but then a daughter was expected and plans put on hold. 5 years later CottonHouse was born too. For the past 18 months David has been researching and training in the art of roasting coffee. He has sought the best roaster, a Diedrich IR12 and found high quality beans from DR Wakefield.


Head Barista and Accounts

Ruth is a trained textile designer, with a First Class Honours Degree in Fashion Marketing, and a history of work experience in New York and London. Ruth loves shopping for clothes, eating out, sewing and is passionate about making and drinking great coffee. Ruth is the artistic talent behind the concept of ROOST and the beautiful latte art. After a busy life in the city, Ruth moved back to Lincolnshire in 2003 and met David on a blind date in 2004. In her 30th year she was married and had her first daughter. A rural life beckoned and the dream was to work together with David. Ruth is great at all design work and keeps all the admin ticking over.

Erin (daughter No. 1)


The ROOST teams young apprentice. Loves singing, dancing, reading, drawing and is soon to be passionate about coffee. Erin is great at sweeping, cleaning and keeping the ROOST team entertained.

Betsy (daughter No. 2)


Betsy loves milk, soft blankets, smiling and sleeping. She is the model of the team and keeps everyone grounded.

Skye (Goldendoodle)


The family dog. Skye loves running free on the beach and in the woods. And especially loves chasing rabbits, but never catches any. She is great company and loves being in the ROOST office.