Coffee Roasting

Coffee needs to be fresh. As the roasted bean comes into contact with oxygen it begins the slow process of staling. We roast our coffee in small batches on a daily basis, then package and send out to wholesale customers within 2 days. Retail packs are sealed in a one-way valved, foil lined bag for lasting freshness of up to 3 months.

The process of coffee roasting combines science, art and our senses to create the well balanced, unique flavours we love in coffee.
Using a high grade raw product, we roast the green beans in batches up to 12 kilos. This small batch ensures quality, consistency and freshness each time.

The roast of each batch takes an average of 14 minutes, but during this time a strict ROOST original roast profile is followed by our master roaster. It will be a different profile for each green bean depending on country of origin, altitude grown and the size, density and moisture content of the bean. If you’re intrigued about how we roast our coffee please come along to the roastery to speak to us and watch how it is done.

Diedrich - at ROOST roastery we use a Diedrich IR12 coffee roaster

This is the most eco-friendly and energy efficient make of roaster available today.

Since its origin in 1980, Diedrich Manufacturing has employed in its roasters a proprietary roasting technology that utilizes unique ceramic infrared burners (rather than traditional atmospheric blue burners) and heat exchangers to not only dramatically reduce noxious gas emissions and provide for a cleaner, more efficient roasting medium, but also to make possible entirely new roasting capabilities.

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