Roost Athletic FC Away shirt

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Roost Athletic Football Club

Established in 2015 out of the need to support something unreal, Roost Athletic FC has grown to be the eminent fake football team of the North of England. Supporters have been flooding to their home, Talbot Yard for 8 years.

Taking that famous walk through the Vanbrugh Arch, up the stone steps to the reimagined stadia that ‘The Chaff’ play from. Hardcore fans known as ‘Yardies’ flock for real coffee and unreal football. Athletic, unbeaten since their formation, play in their cherished burgundy colours, which are now available as replica kit.

The new away kit is white, with gold print and trim. Be a supporter of fake football, support THE CHAFF.

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Speciality coffee hand crafted in small batches
Phone: 01653 697635
Unit 6, Talbot Yard, Yorkersgate, Malton, North Yorkshire, YO17 7FT