About Our Coffee

We roast coffee from single farms, estates and cooperatives. We want to know where our coffee comes from and how it is processed.

We use a UK based independent coffee importer, DR Wakefield, who have been trading since 1970. They travel extensively throughout the year, visiting the producers and cooperatives.

As most coffee producing countries are in the developing world, DR Wakefield have a strong belief in building long-term partnerships with the farmers to ensure fair prices and sustainable practices. Their quality control is vital and standards kept high by buying from the same farmers and exporters year after year who know their expectations.

For more information visit: http://drwakefield.com/

The ROOST ESPRESSO blend has been personally chosen and blended by us at ROOST. We have chosen a blend that is roasted medium to dark, is very bright and sweet. with a full body and smooth finish. This is very much a third wave espresso.

The TONTO ESPRESSO blend is a blend developed for a much darker roast, using a sweet honey processed coffee bean as its base. It retains a full body and intense aftertaste. It is more of a traditional Italian espresso.

The SINGLE ORIGIN coffees have been chosen for their quality and differing taste profiles.

The SWISS WATER DECAF coffee has been chosen for its chemical free production. The Swiss Water Process, a process to decaffeinate coffee by the use of water.

For more information visit: http://www.swisswater.com/consumer